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Positive Solutions of Singular Multipoint Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Nonlinear Second-Order Differential Equations on Infinite Intervals in Banach Spaces

Xingqiu Zhang

Author Affiliations

School of Mathematics, Liaocheng University, Liaocheng, Shandong 252059, China

Boundary Value Problems 2009, 2009:978605  doi:10.1155/2009/978605

Published: 14 July 2009


The cone theory together with Mönch fixed point theorem and a monotone iterative technique is used to investigate the positive solutions for some boundary problems for systems of nonlinear second-order differential equations with multipoint boundary value conditions on infinite intervals in Banach spaces. The conditions for the existence of positive solutions are established. In addition, an explicit iterative approximation of the solution for the boundary value problem is also derived.