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Study of the asymptotic eigenvalue distribution and trace formula of a second order operator-differential equation

Nigar Mahar Aslanova

Author Affiliations

Department of Differential Equation, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics-Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, 9, F. Agayev Street, Baku AZ1141, Azerbaijan

Mathematics Department, Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan

Boundary Value Problems 2011, 2011:7  doi:10.1186/1687-2770-2011-7

Published: 13 July 2011


The purpose of writing this article is to show some spectral properties of the Bessel operator equation, with spectral parameter-dependent boundary condition. This problem arises upon separation of variables in heat or wave equations, when one of the boundary conditions contains partial derivative with respect to time. To illustrate the problem and the proof in detail, as a first step, the corresponding operator's discreteness of the spectrum is proved. Then, the nature of the eigenvalue distribution is established. Finally, based on these results, a regularized trace formula for the eigenvalues is obtained.

MSC: 34B05; 34G20; 34L20; 34L05; 47A05; 47A10.

Hilbert space; discrete spectrum; regularized trace